Tucson streamer added to class flag

Class meeting

Tour of botanical garden

Gene Wentworth leads memorial service

Memorial service

Palmer McGrew, Cathy & Joe Schwar, Gary Roosma

Jim Hall, Heyward and Evelyn Hutson, Pete Groh

Nina&Dave Bourland, Bonnie&Gerry Schurtz, ?????

Harriet Hill, Jude Thiebert, Valerie&Ken Lager, Rich Galen

Sam Myers not behind camera + Jill Bacon and Leslie

Art Meyer welcomes all to last night in Tucson

Gonzos sucking it up

Gail & George Robertson "Rather Be In Tucson"

Glee Clubbers +2 doing rememberance song

We still dance

Palmer + Glee Club doing The Corps

All join in Army Blue