BHS-CHS1954 at YahooGroups

A YahooGroups group named BHS-CHS1954 was created to support preparations for our 50th reunion. Now that our very successful 50th reunion is over, the BHS-CHS1954 group can continue to serve a useful purpose of keeping us in closer contact. The mailing list part of the group's features allows us to easily share our thoughts -- an e-mail to the list address is relayed to all its members.

BHS-CHS1954 is a closed group whose subscribership is limited to our BHS '54 and CHS '54 classmates. The reason that the BHS-CHS1954 group is closed is to deny access to non-classmates the personal information that is posted there, and to keep out SPAMmers from the mailing list part of the group. It now has 43 members. Posted at its website are masterlists of our CHS and BHS classmates, showing if known, addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. All classmates are urged to join this group. To access it, click on:

If you already have a Yahoo! ID and password, us them to join. Otherwise, you'll need to join Yahoo (free) by completing a Yahoo! Profile to get a Yahoo! ID and password.

If you have any questions about this, send me an e-mail at this address: <>

Best Regards,
Dale Cockle
CHS'54 - BJHS'50
Group Moderator